Firefighter Special Teams



Purchase a 2014 Firefighter Special Teams calendar! The proceeds from this calendar are currently going to help fund an ATV for the White Bear Lake Fire Department. You can preview the calendar by clicking on the tab above.





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Don't Just Take Up Oxygen. Make a difference!- By Jeff Loeks

Meet Beth from White Bear Lake Minnesota.  Beth is an EMT with the White Bear Lake Fire Department, who accepted our challenge to do 5 things this year that would make a difference in her own, or others lives. Beth really interested me because of her family life. One of the things I am told most often as to why people don't or can't do charity, is because they have children. While there is no doubt that having young kids can make it harder to find the time to get things done, there are many good deeds that you can include your children in. Just recently Beth was a bell ringer for the Salvation Army, and included her kids, who had a great time doing it!

   I'm always curious as to why people do charity work. Why people feel the need to give back, or make a difference in others lives. I've found that the people who most often aren't at that point in their life, have not been faced with a true challenge yet, or have been lucky enough to not need help from others. Because once your there, you get it. It clicks. Life isn't just about your personal life anymore. It's more than just waiting for the weekend to come around so you can go out. I asked Beth what it was that made charity important to her.





2014 firefighter calendar now on sale! Get a glimpse of Special Team members now!                              

 Special Team's members take part in many different charities. Each member is required to sponsor thier own charity, as well as help other members acheive their charitable goals.

 It's not all work! Our members take part in many charitable activities throughout the year, like the Polar Bear Plunge. Members, along with friends and family jump into a freezing lake in the middle of winter. This is an event to raise money for the Special Olympics.